Withhold not good from them to whom it is due

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Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.  – Proverb 3:27

My friends are due the goodness, grace and mercy of God. I believe that through the love of Jesus Christ even those who are hidden in drug houses, sleeping on the streets and being held against their will, and even me are due the goodness, grace, and mercy of God. It is their time to receive hugs filled with love, prayers of protection and an opportunity to be made free. As a believer in Christ, I know God is the only good. Therefore it is within my power to share my Good God with my friends because they are due.

The past week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I have shed tears of joy for the rescue of 3 friends. I have cried tears of sorrow for the death of 2 friends. I have wondered why I continue and then I remember S, a sweet girl with a sense of humor that reminds me of my daughters. I see N who just like my sister, so busy trying to take care of everyone else she forgets to take care of herself. Then there is NK, who just like me, loves her daughter with all her heart.. her eyes water just at the mention of her daughter’s name. Their souls are worth fighting for, just as I would fight for my daughter, sister and myself.

The relationships we have with them are real. Naysayers think they meet us at the “Prayer Van” only because they want the lunch. This is not true. They meet us there because they want to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. They are anxious to hear us tell them they are All Worthy of God’s Love. They are excited to see faces of people who truly love them unconditionally. Sometimes their excitement manifests in different ways. This leads me to Melvin. We lost our dear friend Melvin last week. Melvin often gave me a hard time. He was demanding and sometimes down right rude. One Monday evening Melvin gave me the business pretty bad. When we finished outreach that night, it was obvious I was a bit upset. Mel, the AWOL Vice President said to me as I exited the vehicle, “Winnie, pray for Melvin”. I did pray for Melvin that week. God gave me insight about Melvin and myself. God showed me that Melvin’s only opportunity to express his wants and desires came when the “Prayer Van” showed up. Melvin felt safe asking us for whatever he wanted. Melvin trusted our love. He knew we were not there to judge him. His rudeness was for a reason. He enjoyed experiencing unconditional love, love that will never leave him nor forsake him. Melvin was testing God’s love through us. No matter how rude he was, we kept coming back.

Melvin’s interactions with me increased my faith in God. Melvin was never afraid to ask for what he wanted. I know God will meet my needs, but often times I forget, or for some weird reason I am afraid to ask for my wants and desires. Melvin showed me I need to work on my relationship with God. I need to be close enough to God that I can be a brat with him, ask him for those secret desires and know he will continue to love me unconditionally even if I am acting like a brat. Melvin taught me how to trust God more.

Melvin didn’t withhold from me the lesson that was due unto me. He gave me exactly what I needed. I don’t know if Melvin knew he was being used by God to bring Proverbs 3:27 to life, but I certainly know, and I thank God from him.

Winnie Wilson
All Worthy of Love Outreach
Copyright 2015


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