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He didn’t wait

When I started volunteering with AWOL, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When I started mentoring “L,” I still wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was that God had blessed me with the opportunity to have a friendship with an amazing, strong, spunky survivor. Several months into our meetings, I asked L,  Read More


The Beautiful Collision

“You can be free,” I heard myself tell her. “You are beautiful and loved and this is not what’s best for your life.” She laid her head on the window and sobbed as I held her hands. She said she was ready and we handed her our card. The next day she called our hotline and we took her to rehab. One week later she left rehab and went back on the streets. When we see her on outreach now we greet her by name, we pray for her, we love her, we tell her that God has an amazing plan for her life and that we will always be here for her. Read More


Having Hope Despite Injustice

As a Christian, and a student of the humanities and social sciences, I’ve essentially spent the past few years constantly confronted by human nature and injustice. Whether I’m reading Scripture, sitting in a class discussing sexual violence, or just observing the world around me, I’m surrounded by conversations about injustice. Read More


When you talk to strangers…

“Don’t ride in cars with people you don’t know. Don’t tell random people where you’re going to be. Don’t talk to strangers.“

These were all protective directives I heard on repeat growing up. They were meant to create personal boundaries that reminded my little 6 year old self to be aware of the world around me and to stay safe. And it worked…when I was 6. Read More


Aren’t We All Called to the Gospel?

Aren’t We All Called to the Gospel?

“If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you. For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and we are raised again.” 2 Corinthians 5:13-15 Read More


Breaking the Bubble

The Lord has placed a heavy burden on me ….I have a heart for the young people of this generation to be educated on human trafficking. My heart aches each time I go to a mall and see three young middle school girls shopping together – as if a group of three will keep them “safe”…. When traveling at the airport, it is so obvious to me the dangers of young women traveling alone. Read More


To be Poor in Spirit is to Love

There’s something in the air every time I go to the neighborhood where the AWOL outreach team ministers to those entangled in street prostitution and sex trafficking. There’s an absence: a poverty of the spirit awaiting and open to be filled with what the Holy Spirit wants to say through AWOL. Jesus says: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3). Read More


The Prodigal Daughter

Recently I read a (pretty awesome) book about the prodigal son. Maybe you’ve heard that parable that Jesus shares in Luke 15 – you know, the one where there are two sons. And the younger son takes his inheritance from his father (while he’s still alive!) and takes off to live a life of pleasure and extravagance and “reckless living.” Read More


Detroit Turned Upside Down

My favorite description of what the gospel does can be found in Acts 17 (ESV). It says that the men have turned the world upside down and they proclaim there is another king, Jesus.

The gospel often says many things that are opposite of what we normally think. The gospel says that All are Worthy of Love. Do I believe that street prostitutes and drug dealers are worthy of love? Yes I do, but for the same reasons that I believe my sister and I are worthy of love.   I think all are worthy of love, because we are all already loved! Read More


How AWOL Began…

In honor of AWOLs FOURTH birthday Sunday, February 14th, this is the story of how it all began..

I heard about modern day slavery, but I wasn’t really affected by it. It’s one of those things… if you don’t see it, you aren’t really affected by it. Out of sight… out of mind! I thought slavery was this far off distant illusion, or better yet, that statistics were fudged. I remember thinking of Abraham Lincoln and the emancipation of proclamation I had studied in grade school. Slavery was abolished and if it wasn’t abolished, it certainly wasn’t happening in America. Read More


Best Good News

One of the things I look forward to most about outreach every Monday night is the car conversations we have in between talking with girls, giving lunches and praying with each one that comes to the window.

Don’t get me wrong, the heartbeat of what we do is FOR those we are giving to every week. Our heart is to let them know that they are loved beyond reason by the God who created them and that we care about them too! Read More


The Ladies Guide to the Art of Manliness

I thought the title of this blog as “The Ladies Guide to the Art of Manliness” might be a catchy way to pander to the ladies in our blog audience. All Worthy of Love (“AWOL”) is, by in large, a woman-to-woman ministry. As a man, I am thoroughly amazed that I have been embraced into this ministry by our Outreach Team members. I have also witnessed a positive reaction that most women have extended to me in the world of anti-human trafficking organizations overall. Read More


2015, the year of freedom!

11709931_961669143854763_2489342672272925768_oDear Friend and Supporter,

We are so thankful for your partnership with All Worthy of Love to help end modern day slavery.  Your contributions and prayers have helped empower and embolden us to continue dreaming big and reaching the world for Christ by being His hands and feet. We are so excited about all that God is doing through All Worthy of Love and want to share a few of this years highlights with you! We are so thankful to God for His favor, some highlights include:

  • We’ve rescued twenty-four individuals from sex-trafficking
  • Expanded to 3 locations with additional prospective locations on the horizon
    • Detroit MI, West-Detroit MI, and Austin, Texas
  • Conducted over 130 outreaches in 2015
  • Participated in dozens of sex-trafficking awareness events
  • Actively served on the State of Michigan’s Advisory Board for Human Trafficking
  • Passed out over 4,000 meals and hygiene kits
  • Received over 9 dozen calls to our 24 hour hotline for trafficked victims
  • Tripled our outreach team and continue to be fully maintained by faithful volunteers
  • Received the 2015 Michigan Liberator Award

Because of the support of donors and our monthly partners, we’re able to maintain weekly outreaches and relationships with over 600 individuals entangled in street prostitution and offer restoration and freedom. But most importantly, God has moved in building relationships, breaking down walls of unworthiness, and opened doors for His love to reach through as we pray for the individuals enslaved to see all that He has planned for their lives. 

We invite you to partner with us on a monthly basis and lock arms with us as we eradicate slavery in our own backyards. We are in need of consistent freedom fighters to sow into our mission monthly. We believe the Church is God’s answer to injustice and together we can set the captives free. Please save the date for our annual Sweetheart Gala is Friday, February 26th with keynote speaker Dr. Pam Clark of Grace Centers of Hope. Tickets can be purchased here.

Our team is looking forward to what God is going to do through All Worthy of Love this upcoming year and we are excited to continue to partner with you on this amazing journey. We value your support and belief that all are worthy of His love.  We continually thank God for the best supporters an organization could ask for, both financially and in prayer. 

As always, if you are looking to get more connected or have any questions please contact us at info@allworthyoflove.org. Please look for our end of year giving statement after the first of the year.

For Freedom,

Lindsey Fischer
Founder, All Worthy of Love




The Currency of Heaven is LOVE

There is a story in the Bible about a woman who was caught in adultery and publicly shamed by everyone in her community. Could you imagine…. Your sin exposed… for all to see? Your marital troubles laid out before the courts, before your neighbors, your children’s friends, the women you drink coffee with, your church leaders? Read More


Imago Dei

A lot of people think we’re crazy. It’s ok. We know you’re they’re out there. 🙂 Others think we’re just plain stupid. “Why?” they want to know. “Why do you go to that part of the city? Isn’t it dangerous? Why do you take that risk for those women?” Read More


We Are All God’s Children

Some nights are harder than others, not because certain people have more value but because sometime someone tugs a little harder on my heart strings.  When we are out we can see anyone from 50 year olds to teens and its the teens that really break my heart. I think because I worked with teens and I know how confused they are, how they are still trying to find their way.  Read More


Withhold not good from them to whom it is due

Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.  – Proverb 3:27

My friends are due the goodness, grace and mercy of God. I believe that through the love of Jesus Christ even those who are hidden in drug houses, sleeping on the streets and being held against their will, and even me are due the goodness, grace, and mercy of God. It is their time to receive hugs filled with love, prayers of protection and an opportunity to be made free. As a believer in Christ, I know God is the only good. Therefore it is within my power to share my Good God with my friends because they are due. Read More


What Love Does

As I sit in the back of the SUV with a new survivor and wipe her tears, I wrap her in a pink hand-knotted fleece blanket that she will take to rehab, put a salvation bracelet on her and give her a donated bible and a survivor back pack – I am humbled that the Lord has used an army to make this happen. We are not alone in this effort – the Lord has orchestrated these many parts just as His Word says – AWOL is such a great example of this….. Read More


Perfect Love & Hopelessness Cannot Coexist

Have you ever experienced hopelessness?  Hopelessness is defined as a loss of confidence or faith that future events or occurrences will be positive.  It has also been defined as a subjective state in which an individual sees limited, or no, alternatives nor any personal choices available.  Those that are experiencing hopelessness are oftentimes unable to mobilize their energy on their own behalf.  Can you imagine hopelessness?    Read More

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