Detroit Turned Upside Down

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My favorite description of what the gospel does can be found in Acts 17 (ESV). It says that the men have turned the world upside down and they proclaim there is another king, Jesus.

The gospel often says many things that are opposite of what we normally think. The gospel says that All are Worthy of Love. Do I believe that street prostitutes and drug dealers are worthy of love? Yes I do, but for the same reasons that I believe my sister and I are worthy of love.   I think all are worthy of love, because we are all already loved! We have a tendency to use a measuring scale of “right” and “wrong” to determine how loved/worthy we are. I have a college degree-worthy. I lied about my parking tickets-unworthy. The good news is that those scales don’t exist; they are only in your mind. God tells us we are loved while we are sinners, which is crazy and amazing!

I love outreach with AWOL, because the scales in the minds of the women that we meet have been tipping to the “wrong” side for far too long. Everyone tells them that they are not smart, brave, beautiful, or worth much at all. They don’t even tell themselves that most of the time. Our team tells women that God chooses them and loves them no matter what they’ve done or what they feel like and I LOVE being a part of it. I love telling them that scales don’t matter, that God has much better in store for them, and they do not have to be on the streets. These women need to hear something different, something good. They need to hear that their lives can be turned upside down.

Outreach is in a dangerous part of Detroit that most people have given up on. We talk to many people that have been given up on too. Some don’t think that prostitutes and traffickers can be valuable parts of society. God does. I do. The church is the answer for people who need help and for people who need to know God hasn’t given up and never will. We are not people of despair. I haven’t given up on prostitutes or Detroit. I am a prisoner of hope, because Jesus is a beacon of hope that can never be put out. I can picture the freedom of God reigning in the streets of Detroit. So, I pray, do outreach, hope, and wait for Detroit to be turned upside down.

So, Pray and Hope with me! Just you wait, because there is another king, Jesus, who is going to turn the world upside down with his people.

Megan McGregor
Copyright 2016

image2Megan is a member of a Church in Rochester. She feels very passionately about anti-human trafficking and spreading the gospel by being a good friend or neighbor. She is getting married in July 2016 and recently graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in Environmental Science. Megan loves her cat, riding bikes, and chocolate. Her favorite part of AWOL is telling people in a desperate situation that there is always hope.

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