Breaking the Bubble

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The Lord has placed a heavy burden on me ….I have a heart for the young people of this generation to be educated on human trafficking. My heart aches each time I go to a mall and see three young middle school girls shopping together – as if a group of three will keep them “safe”…. When traveling at the airport, it is so obvious to me the dangers of young women traveling alone.

Let me preface this with, I raised my two girls in a “bubble” – we used to joke about it at our house, but it was my desire to “keep the world out” and not taint my beautiful daughters. I taught Physical Education at a Christian school – I taught sex education…..and so…..I understand the “bubble” Christians put around their children – I was that teacher – I was that parent.

When it comes to human trafficking today…’s a new world – you cannot raise your children in that same “bubble” any longer. THIS IS REAL!! The very first night I went on the outreach team,…..the very first girl on the streets I saw was twelve years old!!! I know she was 12 – I was a P.E. teacher – I know ages……My heart broke, I wanted to climb out of that SUV and wrap my arms around her so badly – I wanted to pull her away from the “john” that was opening his door for her to jump into the front seat. Yikes!!! Right here in MY TOWN!!!

We get calls and emails weekly asking how to “save” their own daughter/grand-daughter from the crime/sin of this sex industry we live so intimately in…’s sad when a teen-aged girl sees stripping as the best and fastest way to earn money for college – she doesn’t think past the finances; she feels she can handle the humiliation – it’s temporary….but then a trafficker shows up at that same bar and gives her a “free sample” of his drugs and before you know it – she has fallen into a pit so deep she can’t find her way out – she is too embarrassed to admit to family what is going on, let alone admit to herself that she made some awfully bad choices and actually “likes” the feeling of zoning out….THIS IS REAL…

This “bubble” of no information to protect the innocence of our children must end. We have to educate – not to cause fear, but to give them the tools they need. Please, speak with your children – Please, educate them on the sex trafficking in metro Detroit and other places – Please, show them how much you love them by opening this discussion with them and trusting them so that if they, or someone they know, will feel that the door is open for them to “run” into YOUR arms and not a strangers.

If you don’t know about sex trafficking – let us educate you! You need to connect with All Worthy of Love – we will come and talk with parents, students, small groups – break the “bubble” for YOUR kids.

Twyla Baggett
AWOL Outreach
Copyright 2016

TwylaTwyla Baggett, was formerly employed for 17 years with Bethesda Christian School as a physical education teacher. She also held positions in Coaching, Public Relations and Fundraising for the school. Prior to her employment with Bethesda she worked in various law firms in the Detroit area as a legal assistant. Twyla is an Elder at Bethesda Christian Church and is involved in the Visitation Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Catechism Department and Children/Youth Departments. In her retirement, she manages several personal investment properties and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Twyla and her husband Mel serve faithfully as leaders on the AWOL outreach team and the Board of Directors.


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