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The Second Most Common Form of Human Trafficking is Prostitution

All Worthy of Love is a justice focused non-profit that reaches out to men and women enslaved by street-prostitution. Our mission is to restore broken dwellings, based on the teachings of Isaiah 58. We work in a three stranded cord; prevention, rescue, and restoration. We prevent sex-trafficking through awareness. We promote awareness through various speaking engagements at local churches, schools, and small groups to educate the community of modern day slavery. We rescue victims of trafficking through weekly outreach. We restore victims of trafficking through partnerships with local organizations that offer safe housing and restorative care.

Our main focus is outreach. The vision for our outreach team is building consistent relationships. We can spend three years fostering a relationship before seeing an individual ready to exit the industry. Our outreach team is intentionally kept small and we require a one year commitment so our friends working the streets see the same people consistently and as a result develop deep friendships. A team of 4 goes out to the same neighborhood every week. We reach out to men and women working on the street and we visit several crack houses. We pray with prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, and gang members. We believe that the women are enslaved to one thing and the pimps/drug dealers are enslaved to another – but both are worthy of love. We believe that people know what is wrong with them, they need to know what is right with them – so we speak truth in love. We encourage, pray, and tell them they are beautiful and amazing. 

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Prostitution in Trafficking

Special thanks to the Polaris Project 

Human trafficking victims are often found in street prostitution where they are forced to provide commercial sexual services by a controller or “pimp.”  Pimps force adults and minors to sell commercial sex on the streets by means of physical abuse, threats, lies, manipulation, and false promises.

Street prostitution becomes trafficking when a pimp uses force, fraud and/or coercion to maintain control over the person providing commercial sexual services and cause the person to engage in commercial sex acts.

An individual engaged in street prostitution under the age of 18 is considered a victim of sex trafficking regardless of the presence of force, fraud or coercion.

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