2016 March


To be Poor in Spirit is to Love

There’s something in the air every time I go to the neighborhood where the AWOL outreach team ministers to those entangled in street prostitution and sex trafficking. There’s an absence: a poverty of the spirit awaiting and open to be filled with what the Holy Spirit wants to say through AWOL. Jesus says: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3). Read More


The Prodigal Daughter

Recently I read a (pretty awesome) book about the prodigal son. Maybe you’ve heard that parable that Jesus shares in Luke 15 – you know, the one where there are two sons. And the younger son takes his inheritance from his father (while he’s still alive!) and takes off to live a life of pleasure and extravagance and “reckless living.” Read More


Detroit Turned Upside Down

My favorite description of what the gospel does can be found in Acts 17 (ESV). It says that the men have turned the world upside down and they proclaim there is another king, Jesus.

The gospel often says many things that are opposite of what we normally think. The gospel says that All are Worthy of Love. Do I believe that street prostitutes and drug dealers are worthy of love? Yes I do, but for the same reasons that I believe my sister and I are worthy of love.   I think all are worthy of love, because we are all already loved! Read More

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