2015 September


What Love Does

As I sit in the back of the SUV with a new survivor and wipe her tears, I wrap her in a pink hand-knotted fleece blanket that she will take to rehab, put a salvation bracelet on her and give her a donated bible and a survivor back pack – I am humbled that the Lord has used an army to make this happen. We are not alone in this effort – the Lord has orchestrated these many parts just as His Word says – AWOL is such a great example of this….. Read More


Perfect Love & Hopelessness Cannot Coexist

Have you ever experienced hopelessness?  Hopelessness is defined as a loss of confidence or faith that future events or occurrences will be positive.  It has also been defined as a subjective state in which an individual sees limited, or no, alternatives nor any personal choices available.  Those that are experiencing hopelessness are oftentimes unable to mobilize their energy on their own behalf.  Can you imagine hopelessness?    Read More

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