2015 August


You’re Not In Copper Canyon Anymore

Mel (Dorothy) You’re Not In Copper Canyon (Kansas) Anymore
Yikes – Pray – Pray – Pray

   Mel Baggett 

            You Baby Boomers who grew up in Detroit, knew about a place called Copper Canyon in the City of Detroit. For those of you who read this Blog and have never heard of this neighborhood let me explain…  Read More


28 Ways to End Slavery

Rob Morris once said, ending human trafficking is not idealistic or naive, it is audacious, and it is people of audacity that change the world.

Many will ask me today, what do you want for your birthday? I want to eradicate human trafficking to the fullest extent. I want to be apart of the greatest abolition the Church has ever seen. I want our generation to be able to tell the next that we did something about the injustice in this world. I want to be audacious. I want to see captives set free. I want to see abolitionists rise up. I want to encounter freedom, not just experience it. I want hope to be the standard. I want every person to know they are worthy of love. Read More

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