2015 July


Human Souls are Identical at Their Core

As I sit here staring at a blank word document page my mind races. This summer has already been filled with so many life-changing experiences; it’s hard to know where to start. I had the opportunity to spend the month of June in Asia, traveling throughout Thailand and Cambodia and working with several different organizations that fight human trafficking. I witnessed sex menus on the streets being shoved in my face and women being sold before my eyes. I met incredible people who are working to rescue underage girls and I spent time with survivors who have faced the unfathomable and are now experiencing a new life.  Read More


You Can Only Give What You Have

First, you must stop what you are doing and read this blog, unless you are one of those people that like to read the end before the beginning. I get it; Jesus can do the same thing. Beginnings from ends.. Ends from beginnings… But, I mean it… go read part one, it makes this story so much better. Read More


Good Love

I started working with AWOL 2 and half years ago. It is one of the things on my calendar that I am consistently excited about. It isn’t because I am excited to “serve” or that I am excited for “God to move through me in some magical way.” I am excited because over the years, these women and men have become my FRIENDS. So, like any friendship, I look forward to seeing them and hanging out. I look forward to celebrating their victories as well as listening to their hard moments and letting them grieve in a safe place. There are so many weeks I wish I had a couch in the back of my car that I could pull out, along with a pint of ice cream (or hot coco when it is freakin’ cold) for all of those moments–both the good ones and the hard ones. You know, like you would do with any of your other friends. Read More


Relational and Consistent

When AWOL was just a dream I remember sitting on the floor of my living room, blasting Jesus Culture, and writing in my journal. I asked God what He wanted for our outreach program… and I felt like He responded by asking me “Who am I to you”. Read More


God’s love resides in you

I became a parent at a young age. My husband and I dove right in and gave parenting all of our energy. When we were liberated from the day to day responsibilities of parenting, we took full advantage of our newly found freedom. We have been empty nesters for eleven years and love every minute of it. I’ve enjoyed living footloose and carefree. I jokingly referred to my life as the “Winnie Wonderland”… a place where everything is easy and all of our worldly responsibilities have been met. Living in Winnie Wonderland was great and I had no intention of changing anything. However, my plan was not God’s plan. Read More

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