2015 April


In The Wake of Devastation

In the wake of some devastating things that happened in my life God allowed me to see a lack of love for His people,  it wasn’t all His people but those who chose to make choices that were way off morally. I remember praying, “God change my heart to love the prostitutes, the drug addictive, and the pimps the way you do”.  That very night the blinders were lifted and where I once had a distain in my heart I now had a brokenness for what these children of God had become. But for the grace of God there go I……………. Read More


Brokenness for Beauty

As an AWOL outreach member it is an honor and a privilege to be His hands and feet.  We are blessed with the opportunity to open our arms and hearts and share His love to those that are broken.  Christ allows us to be vessels of His love when we meet our friends right where they are.   On my first night of outreach with AWOL, almost a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting our friend “L”.  Knowing that I was new to the team she introduced herself to me as “the oldest hoe on the block”.  She said that she was tired and starving.  She had been recently beat up, was physically sick, and was emotionally suffering.  My heart broke at her words and her appearance.  Read More

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