2015 March


Face to Face in Battle

From the first night of outreach, I knew that the “call” I had heard from the Lord to join this ministry was meant to be.  He had given me many other “assignments” in my life, and I had learned His voice and trusted Him.  This “call” would be different though – this one took me right into a “ministry trip” just fifteen minutes from my home.  The “neighborhood,” as we affectionately call it, looked like a “warzone.”   Read More


The battle I am Designed to Fight

In the fall of 2012 I heard the words “human sex-trafficking” for the first time. After a quick Internet search I ended up glued to my computer screen as I watched a graphic 3-hour dramatization from 2007 that spoke strongly against this issue. Tears streamed down my face as deception, manipulation, abuse, and the most horrific scenarios I could ever have imagined terrorized these helpless victims. As law enforcement fought against all odds to give freedom, hope, and life to those oppressed, I knew that I must join this war. It was a battle I felt designed to fight. Read More

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