2015 February


He will finish what He started

All throughout my time at AWOL I have seen God answer prayers over and over again. He pours himself out on this ministry and continues to give us more than we ever thought possible. This is the story of God answering one of the prayers and longings of my heart just last week! Read More


Restoring Innocence

I am currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, drinking the best mocha you ever did taste. There is a 3 or 4-year-old little girl dancing around the coffee shop, full of joy and without care or concern for those of us around her. She is free and innocent. She knows not the dangers of this world, or the eyes of the judgmental. She is fully surrendered and finding joy in each moment.

Isn’t that what we all desire? To live wholly surrendered, free, devoted to Jesus, where we dance around in coffee shops just because we can..  Read More

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