2015 January


Why We Need Men to Combat Slavery

Why We Need Men to Combat Slavery

A lot of what society portrays about prostitution is that it is a glamourous lifestyle, filled with beautiful healthy women that enjoy the thrill and excitement of working in a promiscuous industry. We can all agree that we have Pretty Woman to thank for that. What you don’t read is that prostitution is the second most common form of modern day slavery. You don’t read that prostitution is horribly abusive, demeaning, and forced. Read More



We heard that January was a slow month. We heard that the streets were usually dismal. We heard the girls would be far and few between. We heard that January would be quiet. We heard the weatherman continually forecast temperatures colder than the previous week. Jaime, Jeana, and I entered the month of January with the expectation that everything we heard about January would be different this January……. Read More


54 and 12

Guest Post — Written by Jaime Davis

“He was the 54th person I knew that has died in 12 years. I’m not talking Facebook friends, I am talking 54 close – inner circle – friends of mine that have died in the last 12 years.” Read More

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