2014 September


14 days clean

She usually doesn’t say much.. our conversations are primarily minimal and she doesn’t share anything personal with us. We see her from time to time, we see her front, her fake front that she is okay… but we also see beyond that.

Last night she talked, opened up, and expressed she wanted to leave the streets. Read More


The 99

Part two.

We started outreach on Monday night with the same prayer we ended Sunday with, “God please don’t let us see her…” – we really wanted her to leave the streets, we really wanted her to pursue the stirring in her heart, we really wanted her to encounter the fullness of God and the abundance He has for her. Seeing her meant she didn’t go to rehab. Read More


The One

Each week before we hit the streets our team unites in prayer with expectant hearts and each night we end outreach with filled hearts because God always goes above and beyond our expectations for the night. I love that His word says He prepares good works in advance for us. It’s so comforting to know that it is Him doing all of this…. Not me, not our team or those who serve alongside us… but HIM. Read More

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